Wednesday, January 26, 2011

12 Years Old Got A 3000$ From Firefox! ;12 Years Old Got A 3000$ From Firefox!

A 12-year-old professional bug hunter recently received a whopping $3,000 from Mozilla for identifying a critical Firefox security flaw.

According to the San Jose Mercury News, Alex Miller - who is in seventh grade - stepped up his efforts to find the bug after the company increased its bounty payments from $500 to 3K.

"A couple of months ago we [raised] the amount of payment to a much more substantial $3,000, basically to reflect the change in the economy, and the marketplace, since the time the program was initiated," Mozilla spokesperson Brandon Sterne told the Mercury News.

12-year-old identifies Firefox security flaw, gets $3,000 reward"The space of people that are contributing in this area is pretty small. This is a very niche technical area. [Still], Mozilla is a community mostly of volunteers.

"We really encourage people to get involved in the community. And you don't have to be a brilliant 12-year-old to do that."

Meanwhile, Elissa Miller told the paper that her son Alex was virtually "self-taught."

"Reading [our] very technical books is not an assignment [for Alex]," she explained.

“[Rather], it's something he just does; and he understands them. He [obviously] has a gift for the technical. Clearly, it's his passion."

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