Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to Make a Candle From Orange Peels

With half of orange, lemon or grapefruit you can make a candle. This kind of candle you can rather use as an interesting interior decoration or maybe for some romantic evening , holidays  on the table.

1. First you will need orange, lemon or grapefruit or any other citrus fruit. Now, slice your orange on half and remove the central and leave the white core. That will be are candlestick.

2. In empty half of orange you can now pour the oil. Now our candle is ready and it is time to lit it.

Candle will lit up only if the wick is dry enough.
Now the question is: How long will burn ? Well, honestly, it will burn about ten minutes, and it will extinguish. Also there is an unpleasant smell of oil. But maybe there is an interesting solution for this problem. It depends on what oil you use. Usually sunflower oil is with no smell and with rose color, and when it is burned remains sharp smell. Lavender oil smells nice, but again, the smell is very sharp and when it is burned up it has unpleasant smell. Therefore it is better to use sunflower oil, then add some drops of essential oil and then the smell is pleasant and not so sharp.
Maybe if the core is pre-charred, and then pour the oil, maybe then it will better ? Maybe! Worth a try! Good luck!

Beautiful Edinburgh Castle

This castle is full of secret. Some of them are revealed. Beautiful Edinburgh Castle

This castle is full of secret. Some of them are revealed. Beautiful Edinburgh Castle

New Version of Hybrid Car

New Version of Hybrid Car

World's Youngest Microsoft's professional - Has Died at the Age 16

Arfa Karim Randhawa, from Faisalabad, Pakistan, became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional at the age of nine in 2005. Condolences have poured in from around the world after the passing of promising young computer genius. The teenager died on Saturday night after complications resulting from an epileptic stroke.

According to local reports, Karim went into a coma on December 22 after suffering an epileptic attack and cardiac arrest. She was admitted to treatment at Combined Military Hospital in Lahore and was on life support at the Intensive Care Unit when she suffered a tracheotomy complication on Saturday evening that resulted in bleeding in her throat. Despite earlier reports her progress had improved, doctors were unable to save her.
Funeral prayers were offered on Sunday in Lahore before her body was taken to her native village Ram Dewali, Faisalabad for burial. Scores of people, including Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, ministers, politicians, friends and Karim's fellow students gathered to support the grieving family during the procession.

According to Geo.TV, after Karim's hospitalization, Gates in January reached out to the family and offered to pay for her medical care. It was reported he also proposed moving Karim to the U.S. for better treatment, although doctors decided it was against her best interest given Karim was on a ventilator.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who offered to pay for Karim's treatment, told the family he was sad to learn of her death and the loss of such a rare talent. As reports, her father, Amjad Karim, thanked the Microsoft founder for his efforts, and said that his daughter was a spark that had got attention and love from everyone on the globe.'

A permanent monument is also to be erected in her honor. The IT Media City in Karachi will be renamed after the computer prodigy, and will now be known as Arfa Karim IT Media City, Karachi, according to local media reports. 

About Arfa Karim Randhawa:

Karim rose to international fame when she became the youngest Microsoft Certified Professional - a title awarded to those who master Microsoft programs - at the age of nine in 2005. After earning the CCP title, Karim was subsequently invited to visit Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington. Karim and Microsoft founder Bill Gates enjoyed a brief meeting during her visit to the U.S. in 2006.

After earning the certification, Karim was subsequently invited to visit Microsoft's headquarters in Redmond, Washington by founder Bill Gates. Karim, then ten, met with Gates and other Microsoft executives during the visit, undoubtedly impressing them with her knowledge of programming at such a young age.

In November 2006, she was invited by Microsoft to be a part of the keynote session in the Tech-Ed Developers conference in Barcelona. She was the only Pakistani among over 5,000 developers in that conference, themed 'Get ahead of the game'.

Karim received the Fatimah Jinnah Gold Medal in the field of Science and Technology, presented by the Prime Minister of Pakistan in 2005, and was also the recipient of the President's Award for Pride of Performance.

World's Biggest Motorcycle - Weighs 5 tons

A group of enthusiasts headed by Tilo Niebel of the East German village of Zillah has shown his motorbike monster assembled by hand. Monster weighing nearly five tons and a length of five and a half meters, is equipped with an engine from the Soviet tanks T55 power of 800 hp!Officials from the Guinness World Book of Records recorded the weight of the motorcycle-4740 kilogram. Tilo Niebel made this bike, using shell Soviet car and the engine from a Russian tank T55

To control the giant biker need to learn to use the two-meter drive. The vehicle engine installed by Soviet tanks T-55 with capacity of 800 horsepower. The frame, springs, suspension all the details collected from military scrap. The makers refused to say from where they got the engine of a Soviet tank, but they added that it was new, 1986 model year.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mysterious Poisonous Snake Wine From Asian Countries

Have you ever heard of snake and Scorpion wine? Shocked beyond expectations, is it so? Well here we bring one such shocking piece of news to you all. This story is from the south east Asian countries like Thailand, Vietnam, Laos Cambodia and sometimes in Japan and Korea etc. The process of preparation is as follows: a poisonous snake like cobra is put inside a glass which is filled with rice wine liquor.

Amazing Great Vintage Cars

If you love older cars and vintage look, you will definitely like this selection of vintage cars! They are similar in some ways to their younger relatives, but still they have that ”groove” inside themselves that you can’t buy today! Some of these examples cost quite a lot, but these cars come with years of care and respect attached to it, so it is definitely worthy to me!

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