Saturday, December 31, 2011

Best photos of the year National Geographic

National Geographic Magazine summed up the contest in 2011 and named the winnerswho were chosen from more than 20 000 images from 130 countries. Luchshie photos selected in three categories: people, interesting places and nature.

Largest natural bridge in the world

This bridge is called the Fairy Bridge (Xian Ren Qiao) or Bridge Fairies, it was formed when the limestone karst mountain cut through the river Buliu. Bridge Fay is about 40 km (straight line) northwest of Fengshan in the northwestern province of Guangxi, China. Until recently, this place was not known outside of China.

Monkey resort Hell Valley

Valley Dzigokudani (translated as “Hell Valley“) in Nagano Prefecture, northern Japan. Name of the area associated with numerous hot springs and geysers, which rises from the ground. Now, these geothermal waters – a popular resort, where you can in the bosom of the mountain nature of the relict plunge in natural healing baths – onsen. The remarkable quality of the geothermal waters of these sites are valuable not only to Japanese and foreign tourists, but local aboriginals – the Japanese macaque, all day long taking in the warm water therapy Onsen in winter, when temperatures drop below zero.

Amazing Blood River

The Chinese, who this week by chance passing by the river Jana (Jian River) were a bit shocked – instead of the usual crystal clear water, the river flowed into something very much like, the blood. The reason for that, illegal dumping red paint from a nearbychemical plant. Now on to this fact brought some business there and is under investigation.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

20 Unusual Houses Around the World

20 Unusual Houses Around the World 

The Tantric Mysteries of India’s Kama Sutra Temples

n the mid-19th century, British engineer T.S. Burt was assigned to trek through the jungles of central India. On his way he came across a series of intricately carved temples, made from pink and yellow sandstone, depicting scenes of orgies, masturbation and even bestiality. TheKhajuraho temples were named a UNESCO world heritage site in 1986. The Khajuraho temples continue to tempt tourists eager to appreciate art, and the contortions of the human body. Take a look. I hope you will enjoy.

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