Sunday, February 5, 2012

10 Richest Athletes in the World

This list is based on the salaries of athletes, their sponsorship contracts, awards and other criteria. It may not be entirely accurate because all the figures are only assessed value. In parentheses next to the name is the athlete’s average annual income.

Rossi earns about $ 35 million a year. This includes his salary for the Yamaha team as well as earnings from sponsors, mostly from Fiat and AGV helmet. He won the motorcycle championship in 2009 and it is rumored that he wants to drive in the Formula 1 Championship.

Alonso had a four-year contract with McLaren worth 40 million dollars a year in the period 2007-2010. Fernando is driving for Ferrari now.

One of the best baseball players in the world earned a whopping 29 million last season with an additional 6 million dollars from sponsors. That places him on the eighth place with $ 39 million.

Messi was the best player in the world in 2009 and during his career he has only played for one team - Barcelona. He is only 22 years old.

The surprise here is that the largest salary in boxing isn’t earned by an American boxer from superheavy category. Manny is the main target for most of today's top boxers.

Lebron James has a salary of 12.5 million and another 28 million dollars he earns from sponsorship deals, which puts him immediately on the 5th place of our lists with the total income that exceeds $ 40 million a year.

Ferrari made Raikkonen the most paid driver when they signed him to a three-year contract. However, Kimi didn’t have a brilliant season and decided to temporarily quit e formula and return to World Rally Championship.

Beckham has made a splash when he decided to cross to America to play football. However, constant injuries prevented him to play much of the season and he rested on the bench. Most of its revenue comes from sponsors such as Adidas, Motorola and Pepsi.

It is not surprising that a golfer is on second place on the list, but it is strange that he holds this place with an average annual salary of "only" 9.3 million. However, due to sponsorship contracts that exceed the figure of $ 53 million, his average annual income is about $ 62 million. So, we can rightfully say that he definitely deserves to be on this list.

Still in his early thirties, Tiger Woods earned 23 million on the field is the last season, as well as a whopping 105 million dollars which he earned from the sponsors! This placed him on the first place for the fifth consecutive year. However, this may not be the case this year. Because of his various scandals and adulteries, most of the sponsors may cancel their contracts with him.

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