Friday, November 11, 2011

Horned Viper Snake

Horned Viper Snake was Found in the deserts of Northern Africa and the Middle East, horned vipers are small, usually under 50 cms long. They often have a pair of horns over the eyes, but there are also some individuals that lack them completely, and, therefore, can be easily mistaken for other vipers. They are venomous, but their bite is usually non fatal to humans. When threatened they rub their coils together to produce a warning sound before they strike. The horned viper was formally named ”Cerastes cerastes” in 1768, by Austrian naturalist Nicolaus Laurenti. Cerastes was a mythical Greek monster, a serpent that hid under the sand in the desert and ambushed any passing creature, using its horns as a lure. Ironically, the horned viper itself may have been the real life inspiration for the mythical Cerastes! Indeed, the horned viper hunts by hiding under the sand (leaving only its horns, eyes and nose exposed) and striking at any small animal (mostly rodents and lizards) that comes close. Ancient observers may have exaggerated the snake’s size and dangerousness, giving origin to the Cerastes myth, which Laurenti remembered when naming the horned viper centuries later. The horned viper’s horns, however, are not used as a lure; to date, no one really knows what the horns are used for, or why some horned vipers have them and some don’t.
This Horned Viper Snake was come from genus of venomous, desert-dwelling snakes of the viper family, Viperidae. There are two species, the horned viper (C. cerastes), which usually has a spinelike scale above each eye, and the common, or Sahara, sand viper (C. vipera), which lacks these scales. Both species are small (seldom more than 60 cm [about 2 feet] long), stocky, and broad-headed and are found in northern.

This horned viper snake was known as one of the most unusual and amazing snake species. here’s the video of horned viper snake.

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